Well where do I begin. I could start with the boring description of all the things I do in my spare time. Then I could fluff up my accomplishments and try to sound really fancy.

In reality, my name is Greg Tomkins. I own and operate Simple Money Canada as a way to provide unbiased advice that Canadians can follow to make their financial lives easier. I enjoy writing about finance, as it is a topic I have been heavily interested in since I was 11 years old.

I also work as a financial advisor in Nanaimo, B.C. I am a partner with Tomkins Financial, Assante Capital Management Ltd. We specialize in helping working class families build and maintain their wealth.

I try to take all the experience I get in my day to day job, and share it with anyone willing to listen. I even wrote a book on the subject.

My dad started me out investing when I was 11. He was a bricklayer when he was younger, but made the move into financial planning while my mom was pregnant with me. As a young boy he tried to teach me about investing, and when I was 11 I learned I could own Microsoft and Nike through buying their stocks. I subsequently purchased a share of both companies, and thus my investing journey began.

I’ve continued learning everything I can about the investment world. I did the mutual funds license when I first got started, moved on to the life insurance licenses. Realized I didn’t want to be a mutual funds salesman and pushed forward with the securities course. Realized that didn’t provide me with any real value other than more products to sell.

At that point I decided to take up the CFA program. I simply wanted to know everything I could know about the investment world and to my knowledge the CFA program was the highest credential I could earn.

Using the information from my education, I became a partner at our family firm and pushed to update the company to be at the fore front of wealth management.

In my spare time I write about finance on this blog, edit my book, & attempt to exercise. I try to kiteboard and mountain bike as much as I can, but injuries and wind conditions never seem to be favourable.



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