Start Saving Now

start saving now


We’ve all done it.


We decide we are going to do something, or we know its something we need to do, and yet we find a way to put it off. Like many others, I used this approach during university and had to franticly binge study the night before most exams and papers were due. Fortunately, I took my finances seriously at a young age. However, I know this isn’t the case for most people.


Why do you need to start saving today? Well its simple. It will have an enormous difference in your future financials. Seriously. Saving early is the number 1 way to build wealth over your lifetime. I’ll show you an example of why.


Heather & Jack


Let’s take two twins. Jack & Heather. Jack & Heather are 20 years old today. Heather decides she wants to save $500 a month from the time she is 20 until she is 30. Jack would rather spend his 20’s living and start saving when he is 30. For both of them we will assume their investments earn a net return of 7% for the entire period.


Heather saves $500 a month for every month from 20 years old until 30 years old. By the time she is 30 she has saved up $86,009. Heather stops contributing. She never adds another dollar to her investments. She contributed $60,000 to her investments.


Heather savings growth chart

Jack on the other hand, hasn’t saved a penny since he was 20. He is 30 now and decides to follow in his sisters footsteps and start saving $500 per month. Jack continues this strategy all the way until he is 60 years old. He personally saves a whopping $180,000. Three times as much as his twin sister.


Jacks investments and savings over time


Well Jack and Heather are both 60 years old now, how did each of them do? Jack has grown his money to an impressive $588,032. All from saving only $180,000. Now Heather, who only saved $60,000 should have substantially less right? Wrong. Heathers money has grown to $654,722.


How can that be? Well you see when Heather turned 30 years old she had $86,009 in investments growing at 7% per year. For simplification purposes this means she earns roughly $501.72 per month. Even though her brother Jack is depositing $500 per month, Heathers money is growing faster than Jack is able to add to his savings.


Heather vs Jack growth vs savings


This is the advantage of saving early. The sooner you get your money working for you, the less you need to save to accomplish your goals.


heather vs jack investment value over time

Now had heather continued saving all the way until 60, she would have saved up a whopping $1,242,758. This is double the amount that her brother had saved.



Growing your money doesn’t require any secrets, special techniques, or sophisticated investment strategies. The most important aspect to growing your money, is to save more money and save earlier. So start saving now. Not tomorrow. Now.