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What is a TFSA?

What is a TFSA



A TFSA, or Tax Free Savings Account, is a type of savings account able to hold a wide variety of investments. The primary benefit of a TFSA account is that any income generated by the assets within the TFSA grow tax free. That is, if you put $100 into the account, and it grew to $200 you wouldn’t have to pay any taxes on this growth.

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One of the most often confused parts of a TFSA, is that it isn’t actually an investment itself. I often hear people talk about how they have invested in a TFSA and are confused when I ask what it is invested in. A TFSA is not simply a savings account where you are paid a small interest rate on the value of money within it. You can however hold a high interest savings investment vehicle inside a TFSA and this is a very common option at the bank and is the reason for the common misconception.